April 18, 2016 at 8:39 am

Feel like monitoring your kid’s smart phone activities Here are some tips for you

The world is moving towards an era in which even refrigerators would be connected to the internet. Almost all kids have access to smart phone and tablet PCs these days and most of them spend at least two hours every day on reading Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp content.

Parents can monitor their kids and whatever they do on their PC while at home. But, is there any way to make sure that kids do not fall prey to traps set by cyberbullies on social networking sites?

Keep kids informed about what’s right and wrong

Best way to keep kids away from trouble is keeping them informed about the dangers of interacting with strangers, watching sexually explicit content, playing adult rated games, and getting involved in inappropriate conversations while in Whatsapp groups, discussion forums, etc.

As mentioned earlier, this is the era of smart phones and tablet PCs. There is no way you can keep your kids away from devices. However, there are certain steps that you need to take before giving them access to internet.

Sit with your kid and discuss issues that can land them in trouble. Don’t hesitate to tell them that sexting, abusing someone, uploading objectionable pictures and videos, and sharing personal details with strangers can cause problems.

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Most preferably, explain them about cyber laws and let them read latest news related to cyberbullying, harassment, etc. so that they can understand what’s right and wrong according to the law. Question them from time to time about what they discuss and share with their friends while on social networking sites.

Don’t hesitate to set parental controls on their computer and smart phone. Install apps that can help you monitor kid’s activities on his/her phone. Never give your bank cards or account details to your kids for making online purchases, as they may not be able to differentiate between good and fraud.

Opt for software to monitor kid’s smart phone

There are several apps available in the market that can monitor smart phone browser, text messages, voice calls, social networking site interactions; chat messages sent via IM apps, video chats, and web videos watched using the concerned device.

MSpy is one such app that offers ample of impressive features. Most of the reviews written by existing users of this spy app are positive. It is perfect because it allows you to monitor activities of any given PC and smart phone from a remote location.

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