September 3, 2019 at 7:12 am

Four reasons why IVR is a suitable addition to pharmacies’ customer service capability

Today, pharmacies can be more flexible and reachable for their customers and patients because of technology. One of the new and very innovative features that pharmacies can offer to their patients is the ability to extend their service through the Interactive Voice Response or IVR system.

Knowing that pharmacies are incessantly receiving a lot of inquiries, phone calls, and messages, IVR has become a very important tool for them in providing better service to their patients. Although a lot of pharmacists themselves can handle phone calls from their patients right away, however, they are frequently disrupted by phone interruptions that affect their patient counseling, their ability to fill prescriptions, and the entire operation of the pharmacy.

The best solution for this is the implementation of IVR. However, there is still a lot of work to do in convincing many pharmacies to invest in IVR since there are only half of the pharmacies in the United States that is why in this post, let us discuss the advantages of ivr systems for pharmacy.

  • Customer-friendly approach– Knowing that customers are very used in interaction with an IVR considering this system is already being used in many businesses across different industries, pharmacies should also consider using IVR as part of their customer service. Customers are always glad when they have the freedom in selecting the person or the department that they wished to speak with right away so that they are not hassled with going through different people just to get there.

ivr systems for pharmacy

  • Automated customer support– IVRs are mainly used in providing customers with the best options available to help themselves during a phone call. A lot of times they ask questions or ask for requests for certain information or services that can be attended right away through automated customer support that is part of the main features of an IVR system where there is no need to speak with a customer service representative. The automated customer support brings very significant savings in terms of cost for the company due to the requirement for a lot of agents that need customer-support roles.
  • Reduces errors in transferring calls– There are a lot of instances that customers have to be transferred several times whenever they call a hotline where they could be transferred to another person on the other end where errors are just a push of a button away and this results usually to poor customer service rating from customers. To prevent that, IVRs are designed to transfer calls directly to the appropriate department or person to attend to the customer’s needs.
  • Prioritize calls that are based on value– Pharmacies can take advantage of the IVR system’s ability to prioritize calls before bringing a customer service representative into the situation. Usually, the IVR has the ability to ask the caller about the urgency of the matter that needs to be attended immediately.

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