May 31, 2017 at 8:14 am

New App: Peanut with GWC Valves International

There are many new applications coming out these days according to GWC Valves International. The valve manufacturing company specializes in valves and flow control products but many of their employees take interest in technology news and new applications. One of the newest apps on the market is similar to that of Tinder… but for adults. During adulthood, it can be hard to find new friends, especially when you are caught up in parenting and other priorities. Peanut however is not a dating app. It is an app for men and women with similar interests and like minds to meet up and hangout. The app launched in February after a mom saw a picture of her friends out clubbing. Being the first in her friend group to have kids, she no longer led a similar lifestyle to the one her friends led. This prompted her to found the app, Peanut.

GWC Valves International employees believe that this is a great application. Tinder and similar apps have turned into a one-night-stand app more than a dating application. Additionally, people are not so willing to get to know one and other before they start dating with is a little backwards. The best relationships usually come from a healthy and positive friendship. To sign up for Peanut, you sign up using your Facebook account. Afterwards, you enter how many kids you have, your age, if you are pregnant (you have a peanut on the way and it is optional to say how many weeks along you are), what your favourite hobbies are, and a little biography to describe yourself. This application is for moms (and dads) that need someone to talk to. Simple. It has a radius that you can set to make sure the individuals you meet are within proximity to you. You can swipe to talk to someone or swipe not to talk to someone. GWC Valves International employees agree that the application is very similar to Tinder but with a very different audience and a very different purpose.

There are many other applications that have recently come out that GWC employees are downloading and trying. Stay tuned for more commentary on recent application launches and other technology.

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