June 21, 2018 at 9:31 am

The most favourite Curry’s of the UK

Ever since the end of the second world war we have become obsessed with Curry. The first curry house was opened nearly 200 years ago in London but at the start of the second world war there were only 6. As Bangladeshi immigrants came over to rebuild London they started to showcase their cuisine to a populace that was a bit bored of meat and two veg.

This exciting and new, spicy food began to catch the UK’s imagination and it soon became clear that curry was here to stay. Nowadays we don’t think anything of it and often pop along to the local Indian restaurant where the chefs might be busy cooking away. The kitchen set up is much more sophisticated now as well with many professional kitchens using commercial grade equipment like cooking on a 4 burner gas oven like the ones you can see at

But what are the UKs favourite curry? Let’stake a look.

  1. It’s mild, it’s yoghurt based and the “connoisseurs” of curry sniff at it but Chicken Korma is the most popular choice. It may be the “safe option” and has a lot in common with Coronation Chicken but maybe that’s why we like it. Those connoisseurs would probably wish we’d try something a bit stronger though to get the full flavour of Indian cuisine.
  1. Tikka Masala. This might get the connoisseurs a little annoyed as well. Tikka Masala was invented in the UK in Glasgow combining a smoothyoghurt-based sauce with Tikka Chicken. Although some say it might have come from the Punjab.
  2. We finally get to what some would say is an authentic Indian curry. Madras is quite a warm medium curry but most people agree that sticking with it is worth while and once you become accustomed to the flavours and spices it isdefinitely one of the best.
  3. This is a mildly spiced curry sauce,but it can have a bit of kick to it. It is a mixed of aromatic rice and vegetables or the usual meats such and Lamb, Beef and Chicken. Traditional this is served with an egg on top.
  4. This lovely curry is unusual in that its not supposed to be eaten with rice, although you can if you choose to. Rather than rice you tend to have it with a nice big Naan bread.Balti’s are mildly to medium spiced and are named after the metal pot they are served in.

The spicy dishes are starting to become more popular, but will they ever be number one? We shall have to wait and see!

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